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June 2017: "Rev. Dr. Catherine M. Gross Dedication"

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June 2017: "Rev. Dr. Catherine M. Gross Dedication"

For those that did not know Rev. Dr Catherine M. Gross, she was an amazing lady that did so much in the MJ fan community and loved Michael dearly. Sadly she passed away suddenly in May this year much to the shock of many members of the fan community including myself.


She often held Blog Talk Radio sessions in which she interviewed many people that had various connections with Michael. She had a lovely calming voice and was often very bubbly on her talk shows, I just wished I had been given the honour to have met her.


I exchanged messages with her on various occasions way back in 2013 and she was always so positive, I reached out to her to offer assistance with improving her platform after one of her interviews suffered technical issues, unfortunately that never came to fruition (it turns out that after listening to them again recently she often had technical issues! However she was always so positive, they were always so interesting to listen to and often very emotional, these technical issues never detracted from the great content and when I listen to them even now they still manage to make me smile :-).


Thank you Catherine for all that you have done for Michael and the fan community. We will all miss you dearly.


In light of Catherines passing, we are dedicating the month of June to a cause she strongly believed in, The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago.

Thank you


Steven Hodges


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The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago is an Illinois not-for-profit organization serving 43 counties, offering counseling, advocacy and educational services to people with epilepsy, their families, and the communities in which they live.