#MoonwalkWalks THE MJFFC 60TH MJ BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE, 29th Aug 2018. www.mjffc.org.uk/moonwalkwalks

Voting monthly

When you join our project you are given the ability to vote for shortlisted charities each month, members are currently voting for the charity for next month. You can even put forward your favourite charities to be included for further consideration in the future.

Every month we also send out an email reminding you to vote, you can vote via Facebook or reply to the email with your chosen charity. The charities are chosen based on their registration status and other determining factors. If you are a member and are not receiving emails, please subscribe here.


Our fundraising theme this month is "GUATEMALA VOLCANO RELIEF" and we will be raising money for "WORLD VISION" in memory of artist and humanitarian, Michael Jackson.