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STAR feedback

Every fan that joins the "Michael Jackson Monthly Giving" Project are called "Stars". Here is what some of them have to say about the project...

Michael has inspired me to be a better person and I wanted to 'pay it forward' for what Michael had done for the people in the world and this was the place that I felt comfortable to do that!

Terry Gilchrist (DONOR #4)

If lots of fans get on board we could be giving substantial sums to charities chosen by us each month

Jacqui Wade (DONOR #7)

I would like to be part of MJFFC to help Michaels carry on his love for the world in giving so much to everyone in need

Donna-maree Taylor (DONOR #9)

The reason I joined up here is that if we all look in our hearts and purses we can all afford a small donation each month of either £1, $1 or €1. That might be a very small amount but multiplied by many of us then the skys the limit. Together we can make a change.

Anne Denton (DONOR #17)

I like to be a part of MJFFC because it's purpose is to keep Michael's legacy alive by donating to charities! For me, that is a peace of mind, that I do something in the name of Michael! It's all for love

Mary Kapa (DONOR #27)