MJ FANS FOR CHARITY (view intro) MJFFC JOIN US! 88 members have so far raised £173 this month with days left


Here is what some of our members have to say about the project...

Michael has inspired me to be a better person and I wanted to 'pay it forward' for what Michael had done for the people in the world and this was the place that I felt comfortable to do that!

Terry Gilchrist (DONOR #4)

If lots of fans get on board we could be giving substantial sums to charities chosen by us each month

Jacqui Wade (DONOR #7)

I would like to be part of MJFFC to help Michaels carry on his love for the world in giving so much to everyone in need

Donna-maree Taylor (DONOR #9)

The reason I joined up here is that if we all look in our hearts and purses we can all afford a small donation each month of either £1, $1 or €1. That might be a very small amount but multiplied by many of us then the skys the limit. Together we can make a change.

Anne Denton (DONOR #17)

I like to be a part of MJFFC because it's purpose is to keep Michael's legacy alive by donating to charities! For me, that is a peace of mind, that I do something in the name of Michael! It's all for love

Mary Kapa (DONOR #27)

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