If you are unable to give monthly through our 'Michael Jackson Monthly Giving' Project, there are a variety of other ways you can help all listed on this page.


1. LINK WITH US: Scroll down this page and you will see various ways yourself or your organisation can link with us.
Scroll down to see various ways you can raise increase the amount of money raised each month for our chosen charities.

3. GRAPHICS: Use our graphics to help us spread the word here.
4. VOLUNTEER: We could really use your help, join our volunteers Facebook group here, or purchase your MJFFC Volunteer Clothing from here.


MJFFC could not exist without the services and financial support provided by our online supporters!

Support us and we will give you a mention in our monthly newsletters and social networks.

These legendary Facebook pages have very kindly updated their Facebook Page's call to action button to be a donate button for our charity project! We urge you to check them out on Facebook. Thank you so much to all of them. If you would like to convert your Facebook page to an MJFFC supporter page please contact us.

Areas we currently need assistance with:
1. Hosting and email services. FUNDED! Thank you 3LS.co.
2. Transaction fees on donations (PayPal 1.4%+20p). This is currently no more than £12 per month, but rises the more donations we get. Are you able to fund this?
3. We have always committed ourselves to only have non-paid volunteers running our charity, so if your organisation would like to sponsor a member of staff by "buying them time", even for a day, please let us know. This time you buy them will help us reach even more fans. Are you able to fund this?
If you or your business would like to assist us with any of the above, please let us know.


Thank you to those supporting our project and linking to our website, you all have no idea how much this means to us.

FACEBOOK LINK SUPPORTER 'MJJ UK' is a great resource for some awesome MJ photos and facts!
BUSINESS SUPPORTER '3LS' kindly provide us with free website hosting & email.'LINK SUPPORTER 'HEAL THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN' is a registered international children's charity with staff and volunteers in 8 countries around the world dedicated to providing relief to children disadvantaged through poverty, sickness, disability or loss. They are no longer accepting donations, but a massive thanks for continuing to link to our website'LINK SUPPORTER 'MICHAEL'S DREAM FOUNDATION' A Dream in MotionLINK SUPPORTER 'MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE PORTRAIT' Hand-drawn dots coming together to make The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait – each dot represents a person who wants to unite in an interactive work of art with others who are inspired to change the world through arts and music.'LINK SUPPORTER 'MICHAEL JACKSON'S LEGACY (MJL)' is a charitable organisation dedicated to continuing Michael Jackson's humanitarian legacy and thereby making the world a better place.'LINK SUPPORTER 'JAMES ASTON'S DANCING THE DREAM LIVE' James Aston's Jackson, the UK's Number 1 Tribute Show to Michael Jackson.


With "Top-up the Pot" you can help us increase the monthly charity pot by other means, not just by becoming a monthly donor. Scroll down to see all of the current ways you can "Top-up the Pot".

BUY/Sell ON eBay for charity

You can list items on Ebay and give the proceeds go to charity! Simply list your items as normal, then choose MJFFC as the beneficiary of a portion, or full amount, of your end sale price.

Occasionally we are sent some amazing items to give away, from fans and those close to Michael, if you have anything you would like us to auction off for charity, please get in contact with us.



Easy Fundraising

With a great service called Easy Fundraising, you can raise funds for MJFFC by shopping as you would normally in the shops that you love at no extra cost to you!


Don't forget to install their 'Donation Reminder' browser add on and choose MJFFC as your chosen charity.



On this page you will find links to be able to purchase items for promoting MJFFC, or for using for your own MJFFC fundraising events. It is also useful for obtaining clothing for our volunteering events.


These products are made by us via the online shopping portal Zazzle. Zazzle give the option to mark up the cost of these items, in order for the creators (in this case us) to make a profit. MJFFC has tried to reduce this to 0%, but the lowest possible is 5%. This 5% will be given to the charities selected in our Michael Jackson Monthly Giving (MJMG) project. We thank you for helping us promote our charity in memory of Michael Jackson.

Keep your eye on this page as we are adding more products all the time.