Please scroll down for the latest frequently asked questions about our yearly global birthday party online live video events.

1.1. What is #MJGBP?

#MJGBP stands for the "Michael Jackson Global Birthday Party".

The free event is run yearly by Michael Jackson fans and enables fans from all over the world to listen to MJ music together, take part in a chatroom, and #MJGBP is the first MJ event to also allow fans to appear in a LIVE video stream on Michael's birthday, to sing, dance, or just chat!

#MJGBP2013 #MJGBP2014 #MJGBP2015 #MJGBP2016

Videos from all previous video parties! (the YouTube Channel is here)


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1.2. When is it?

#MJGBP special events normally happen around Michael's birthday on the 29th August each year. Please subscribe or check back here for future event dates!

The chatroom and music is available all year round.

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1.3. How can I take part?

There are various ways you can take part in the yearly video parties:

    Drop into the LIVE VIDEOS on the day, from anywhere on planet Earth (and beyond!)
    Sending messages to other fans in the moderated chatroom will keep you up all hours!
  3. MUSIC
    Listen to the MJ party music playing, courtesy of our chosen online radio MJ tune provider!
    Can't make it on the day? You can send in your pre-recorded messages by uploading to YouTube and sending us the link, or email them to us as we will upload them via our own YouTube account - send to

Take part in one of these ways, OR ALL OF THEM!

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1.4. How do I get into the live videos?

All you will need is a free Google account, a computer or smartphone capable of running the Google Hangouts app, a webcam/smartphone camera and an Internet connection and then subscribe on our website at Then you just click on the "Join Live Video" link in the emails we will be sending you over that weekend!

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1.5. Can we chat to eachother when in the video hangout?

YES but only if you want to!

We do however tend to do more visual activities because a seperate audio stream for the party music is often being listened to by participants, and due to the language barrier it is often easier to stick to the keyboard for translation assistance.

A very important note is that music or any other copyrighted material is not permitted in the hangout - as it results in the videos getting blocked on YouTube in some countries, so if any is heard on your stream you will be muted. We recommend to get around this by using some earphones with a microphone (such as Apple Earpods) as this way you will be able to listen to the music we provide on the main website at the same time. If you want to dance without problems, grab some wireless headphones with a microphone! :-)

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1.6. Can I play my own music IN THE VIDEOS?

YES, but it must not be picked up by your microphone.

It is recommended that you switch your microphone off, or use a headset so that the music does not play through your own microphone, so instead it plays only to you. This is also for copyright reasons. If there is copyrighted music playing in the background, YouTube often block the videos from playing in some countries. If this is not possible we should be able to mute your sound for you remotely if required.

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1.7. What if I cannot hear the party music?

If you cannot hear the music and you have checked that your speakers are on and are working, alternative Links will be supplied on the party page, when we are live.


The party music we play is sourced from legal online radio platforms.

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1.8. Can I send in my own videos?

You sure can, just record your message or tribute video to YouTube and drop us an email with the link to


If you cannot upload it to YouTube, then you can send it to us directly and we will upload it using our account. If you email the video to us directly, please keep it under 30 seconds in length, otherwise it might not reach us!

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All of the services we use, have their own terms and conditions which are linked below.


We have simply collated these online services into one place to create the #MJGBP's. We recommend you read these. Generally you must be over 13 years old to participate in the various aspects of the party and parents are advised to take suitable precautions to restrict the use of the Internet and the Chatango service by their children.


Chatango (the chatroom):

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#MJGBP2017's them is... "MOONWALKERS"!

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For those unfamiliar with the "Michael Jackson Monthly Giving" Project by the charity MJFFC, it is an initiative by MJ fans that raises money for charity in memory of Michael. It has done this since 2011 via one off donations and monthly recurring donations and has given over £12,000 via over 60 donations to date.

Fans that give from £1 per month are able to vote on 3 charities each month. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month is then given all of the money raised for that month. So for Michael's birthday month of August, all of the donations gathered throughout August and during the #MJGBP events will be added up and donated to the winning charity early in September.

The project is run entirely by unpaid Michael Jackson fan volunteers and its bills are funded privately and via UK Gift Aid that can be claimed back from the UK government.


Michael's month of the August is always a special one, so 3 children's charities will be carefully chosen.

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Please help us spread the word about our monthly project, or donate yourself. 100% goes to charity.Charity Vote. Every month, our monthly donors can vote for one of three charities short listed. Vote here.See how much money MJ fans are donating & raising for charity in memory.Chat with like-minded MJ fans from around the World in the chatroom.

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