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That's right, the annual Michael Jackson Global Birthday Party (#MJGBP) has a new home here at MJFFC. Since 2013, MJFFC with the help of Michael's Dream Foundation, has been holding a live online video party on Michael's Birthdays, on the 29th August each year.

It consists of:

The intention has always been to bring hundreds of fans together on Michael's birthday, regardless of where they are around the World. We are now looking to update the parties and we hope you will like the update! The themes will remain and we have a great one for #MJGBP2017. Just remember to bookmark this page! SEE YOU SOON! THE MJFFC TEAM (


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If you are attending or running an MJ birthday event on Michael's birthday weekend of the 26th/27th of August 2017, we want to hear from you!

We are looking for MJ events to be able to video call into #MJGBP2017 to share a few minutes of the MJ gathering to say hi to the World and give a birthday message to Michael!

If you are interested in taking part please get in contact with us here, we will guide you through the simple video streaming process.

Below is a map where our #MJGBP2017 MJ party events will be live streaming from! If you want your event to appear in the live videos and on this map please get in contact with us!


You can view all of our previous #MJGBP live videos in our YouTube playlist below.

Many do not have any music playing as it was live via a different means when these videos were being recorded, so please bear this in mind when listening. It is worth keeping the music in this window open whilst you watch them.
#MJGBP2013 #MJGBP2014 #MJGBP2015 #MJGBP2016#MJGBP2017 is coming soon...