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Become an MJFFC GUARDIAN by sponsoring us via a private donation and we will advertise your business on our projects website and social networks. Our charity project gets exposure to over 180,000 people across all of our various online and offline platforms and your monthly contribution will protect and secure the future of our charity project for years to come, by covering our admin and fundraising costs. MJFFC staff and volunteers do not get a single penny from MEMBER and GUARDIAN donations.

When you become an MJFFC GUARDIAN you can contribute either £10 (bronze), £25 (silver), £50 (gold) or £100+ (platinum) per month.

A HUGE thank you to our current MJFFC GUARDIANS below.

PLATINUM GUARDIAN '3LS' kindly provide us with free website hosting & email, design and marketing services.'

THERE ARE 3 AREAS THAT NEED FUNDING VIA MJFFC GUARDIANSHIP (the 1st and 2nd of which are now funded):
1st - INTERNET SERVICES: Hosting, email and domain registration and renewals.FUNDED BY MJFFC GUARDIAN: 3LS.co.
2nd - DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Ongoing graphic design and website development.FUNDED BY MJFFC GUARDIAN: 3LS.co.
3rd - ADMIN & FUNDRAISING: We want to tap into the millions of MJ fans and out there and we can't do it alone. Admin & fundraising includes marketing costs, everyday running costs and most importantly covering of transaction fees, so that truly 100% of what every fan gives goes to charity. Covering the transaction fees have the highest priority, anything left after these fees are covered, is spent on advertising our project to more and more potential MJFFC MEMBERS and MJFFC GUARDIANS.

Current transaction fee/advertising guardian options:

1. 1-100 x £1 monthly donors. FUNDED BY MJFFC GUARDIAN: 3LS.co. (Based on the 88 current monthly donors, this boosts the monthly donations by £9.02, eg 88x 11p and covers the first 100 £1 monthly donors.)
2. 101-200 x £1 monthly donors. Become an MJFFC Guardian to fund this.

Any overages once the transaction fees are covered is spent on advertising and fundraising.


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