Sell yourself on eBay for charity

 Ok so we don't ACTUALLY mean "sell yourself", but you can "list items yourself" on Ebay and give the proceeds go to charity!

The full amount you give will go to the selected charity for any month we are deposited the money by eBay. Simply list your items as normal, then choose MJFFC as the beneficiary of a portion, or full amount, of your end sale price.


Ready to go?


1. Find a cause to support. 2. Pick a donation amount. 3. Start selling.



eBay Charity Auctions

 Occasionally we are sent some amazing items to give away, from fans and those close to Michael, if you have anything you would like us to auction off for charity, please get in contact with us.

All of our charity auctions result in the full final sale price going to charity, less any postage costs that might be applicable.