1. HAVE YOU TRIED TO CONTACT the Michael Jackson Estate?

Yes. On the 16th December 2011 we made contact with the Michael Jackson Estate. The MJ Online Team who dealt with our enquiry, replied later on the 16th December 2011:

"Dear Mr. Hodges,


Jeff Jampol here, General Manager of the MJ Online Team. Mr. Branca forwarded us your letter. We are working for the Michael Jackson Estate, reporting to Co-Executor John Branca directly, and we have been brought on to help the Estate communicate with the fans more effectively – please feel free to reach out to me, or Ashley on our team (copied above), if you have any questions for the Estate in the future!


We, and the Estate, thank you for your interest in supporting Michael's charitable wishes. The Estate fully appreciates the desire of you and all of Michael’s fans to demonstrate their support for Michael’s humanitarian goals by contributing to charitable efforts, either financially or through volunteerism and are looking forward to sharing with the fans (and the world at large) the way in which they intend to implement Michael’s wishes under his will to have a certain portion of his estate benefit charities.


I realize we are asking you to accept our word for this but we can assure you that, although we are not at liberty to provide any details at the present time, the process is well underway but there are many steps that have to be taken before any announcement can be made. Bear with us, keep your faith, commitment and patience. Just know that this is an important concern and focus for the Estate.


In the meantime, we must advise you that for various reasons, including the Estate’s own plans, it is not possible for the Estate to consider endorsing or supporting outside projects, no matter how well intentioned. So please be sure NOT to indicate or suggest that the Estate will provide any endorsement or otherwise offer support of any kind for your project.


We would kindly ask that you communicate through us (the MJ Online Team) only from this point forward. As you can imagine, the executors and the other folks who work on Estate affairs are deluged with business matters, and they have specifically asked us to handle online communications with the fans for the Estate. They have also specifically requested that any email and other similar communicationsfor them come to us directly, so that the Estate may keep email and other channels open for their heavy overflow. Any questions you have can be sent to us, and you can be assured that we relay everything on to them. You can always reach out to me or Ashley directly.


Again, thank you for your support and passion. It’s critical to Michael’s continuing legacy that he have people like you in his corner, supporting the Estate as they work to continue to share Michael’s art with future generations.


Jeff Jampol

General Manager

MJOnline The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™"

We will also keep you updated right here.

2. Are you a 'registered' or 'recognised' charity'?

YES! We are recognised as a charity with HMRC. When our donations exceed £5,000 per year, we will be able to register with the charity regulator in the UK, the Charity Commission.

3. Can we use your logos to promote your charity and project?

Yes, but there is one condition! We welcome the use of our logos and content from our site, it's how things get done around here. The condition is that you make us aware of their usage by getting in contact with us and only when you have had a reply from us.

Being notified of where our images and content is being used, helps us to work out how you are making an impact and also so that we have the opportunity to provide you with hi-res graphics and new images to use. Please also remember to respect the trademarks of others when promoting.

4. What is 'Michael Jackson Monthly Giving'?

The wheels for charity donations started turning in 2009, soon after Michaels Death. The project as it is today, started on Michael's 53rd Birthday on the 29th August 2011 and is an initiative aiming to get EVERY SINGLE Michael Jackson fan to donate a small amount monthly and where the money collected each month is given to the charity chosen by the consensus of the monthly donors for that month. 

This project will provide a long term solution for MJ fans to donate for as long as they want to. Donors are free to nominate their own preferred registered charities for consideration.

5. Why did you set up this project?

We have had a cause running for a few years now (www.causes.com/mjfans) and it has had many donations from fans willing to give. However, when we donated to it or to other causes setup my MJ fans, we donated the money, and that was it. We didnt get much feedback as it was a small donation to a massive charity. The idea of this project is to change this. EVERY donor will be a part of something amazing and their monthly pledge, no matter how small, will be a part of a much larger pledge. Favouring those charities where most of the money donated goes to the 'front line' and doesnt pay for admin. This is the true aim. With just a handful of fans on board it can really make the difference.

6. Why can't we just donate to whoever we want monthly?

You can. The difference with MJFFC is that our monthly donations are done in bulk, providing more of an impact to help publicise the initiative each time and results in a much larger recognised donation by fans.

7. Where does the money actually go and what are your costs?

100% of the money you give after PayPal fees at the end of each month is given to the winning registered charity for that month. Then is reset back to zero and we start again. Some months the donation will be larger than others, as more monthly donors come on board or leave, or from funds raised from other initiatives. August tends to result in a larger donation due to Michael's birthday. Donations are documented in detail and then added to our reports/accounts section. We also post up any feedback from the beneficiaries recieved in the invite only Facebook group.

We have MINIMAL RUNNING COSTS! We are one of very few MJ initiatives that work like this. We strive to get everything done for FREE, this takes a bit of haggling! When this doesn't work we fund it out of our own pocket, or through Gift Aid when we are able to claim it. The project purposely operates with very few outgoings. No money you give goes towards staff, our volunteers or on any expenses, this helps us maximise the amount of money we can give to charity each month.

8. How do we know the donation is actually being made & how does it work?

We document, screen-grab and report on the whole process, we have made over 70 donations to date. This is an effort to show donors that this project is the big one and hopefully give donors the confidence to spread the word further for us. Screenshots of the donation process is shown on site and Facebook around the beginning of each month when the donation is made. Each charity is also contacted by us to advise about the donation, and the charities can also be contacted by fans directly for clarification.

Donations by fans into MJFFC are in UK GBP. Donations made to the winning charities that can only be donated in USD, are currency converted at the time of donating, so the final donation in GBP may vary depending on the current currency conversion rates that are out of our control.

9. How much are the PayPal Fees and do I need an account?

We once used a system that resulted in ZERO transaction fees called PayPal Giving Fund, but this did not work out due to it taking between 15-45 days before we would receive the donation. This was not practical for a monthly charity payout.

We are now on the standard PayPal system where the charity/non-profit transaction fees are 1.4%+20p, which are currently the lowest transaction fees available to qualifying charities via PayPal. We are constantly looking into alternative payment providers that do not charge transaction fees for donations at all.

If you want to donate monthly, you will need a PayPal account. If you are making one-off donations, you do not need a PayPal account.

If you are not too concerned as to which charity your one-off donations go to, feel free to donate here where there are no PayPal fees and 100% of the money will be given to the charity in the month that PayPal Giving Fund pass on the donation on to us.

10. How can I trust you?

We really believe in this project and MJ fans to be able to team up and REALLY get things done. This isnt a fly-by-night project where we just want one donation, we want you to donate monthly for ongoing charity support and we are in it for the long-haul.

  • We produce Detailed monthly reports.
  • Donations are only held for one month, before they are donated to the charity with the most votes. So the money is never sitting and accumulating for long periods of time.
  • We are recognised as charitable by HMRC for tax purposes.
  • We are currently too small to register with the UK Charity Commission, but when we reach the minimum threshold of yearly donations (currently £5,000 per year), we will be registering with the charity commission, here in the UK.

11. How do I donate and vote?

To donate please visit the donate section on this website.
To vote please visit the vote section on this website.



12. What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid, helps us run our charity.

Under the Gift Aid scheme, recognised charities, such as MJFFC, can reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation by a UK qualifying taxpayer. The gift aid we claim back is spent on admin and fundraising, to raise even more money and get even more monthly donors on board. All of our staff are unpaid volunteers and we privately fund all of our own personal expenses.

What do I have to do?
When you donate using the 'I'm a UK Taxpayer' option, you are confirming that you are a UK taxpayer and the donation is not being made in return for goods, rights and services (eg tickets to events, raffles or auctions). Please note that tax can only be reclaimed on donations made by individuals who pay UK income or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount reclaimed on their donations in the current tax year. If in doubt, please contact us.


If you donate monthly via Standing Order with your bank, please fill in our online Gift Aid Decleration: www.mjffc.org.uk/donate#giftaidonlineform

Benefits to higher-rate taxpayers 
If you pay tax at the higher rate, you can reclaim tax relief on your gross donation at 20% (ie the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and the basic rate at 20%).

What if I am not a UK taxpayer?
The Gift Aid scheme is unique to the UK. If you are not a UK taxpayer, you can still make a donation, but your donation will not attract Gift Aid.

13. What is Top-Up The Pot?

We accept top-ups to the pot in the 'Michael Jackson Monthly Giving' Project. Also known as single or one-off donations.


Say you have done some additional fundraising for that month, or the currently leading charity is one that is close to your heart, you can donate a one-off donation here. Please be aware that if we reach the end of the month and there is a global event, such as earthquakes or other events deemed important, we will postpone the winning donation to charity until the following month, so that we can give emergency donations immediately.

NOTE: due to the complexities involved with admin, only monthly donors giving from £1 per month, are currently able to vote for charities.

14. How does the monthly charity system work?


(last updated 01.11.17)



If you stop your monthly payments or they fail for whatever reason and we cannot make contact, you will no longer qualify to vote. You will be removed from the voting group when the voting finishes for the most recent monthly pot you paid into. e.g. If you pay on the 1st of June and then payment fails on the 2nd June, you will be removed on the 1st of July, as you would be entitled to a June vote. If you are removed for any reason and a new donor comes on board, they will be given any spare donor number slots including your previous donor slot number, if you do not start your monthly donations again in time. If you come back and start a new monthly donation, you will receive a new donor number, which will be the next one that is available. When a PayPal payment profile ends, PayPal notify us. When we recieve this notification, we will remove from the voting group.



Monthly donors can vote on 3 charities each month. MJFFC decides on which 3 charities are chosen each month from our "Master List of Charities". You can view this list of charities and scoring system online. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month will be selected as the beneficiary for the following month. eg. Monthly donors vote throughout November for a charity to raise money for in December. The two runner-up charities get put back into our charity consideration list for a later date. Donors are able to suggest their preferred charities for us to look into. We will investigate each of the charities put forward to check their validaty, work out their "score" and we will then add them to the master list of charities. If there is a "GLOBAL EVENT" which requires an emergency donation (see below), then this cause will be included in the vote for the following month.


In order for the charity to make the shortlist, where possible, we use a scoring system that takes into account:

- their registration status, currently all charities considered are registered and checked in the country they are registered in. Due to the complexities of various countries charity regulations, we try and keep the shortlisted charities to be UK or US based as often as we can. We will be expanding to other countries as much as possible as we progress.

- the percentage that actually goes to the cause and not on admin & fundraising (it is important to note that sometimes it is better when a charity spends a lot on admin & fundraising, it's all about how far their cause goes, how much it impacts the world and how efficient they are at raising more money for their cause for each pound they spend - this is a trickier calculation but we are working on it!)

- any positive connection with MJ (such as children's charity or a charity Michael or his children have supported previously)

- any known reason that they do not wish to be associated with Michael (yes we have experienced this before. Wow.)

- extra consideration is given if it is an MJ fan cause for a registered charity, such as the "A Million Trees for Michael" initiative, where donations are direct to American Forests, but was started up by fans themselves.

- the charities main focus is also considered eg. Family, Animals, Children, Environment and Science & Arts (FACES). We try and choose charities from seperate areas of focus, to cover a variety of good causes.


In the event of a tie of votes, MJFFC's decision on the chosen charity will be final and will be based on the scoring system.



Once a particular charity has won, they will not be added back to the voting list until further notice (this is in order to donate to as many different charities as possible). All charities in our list are always available for consideration again in the future.



Occasionally there ends up being a large global event. We saw many in 2016. These include events such as earthquakes, floods, civil wars, storms etc. Basically anything that involves a large number of people or animals, be it through death, displacement or any kind of suffering.


When this happens, a charity that is involved in providing relief for this "Global Event", will be selected and added immediatly to the voting system as a 4th option. This 4th charity will remain as an option for at least one whole month. eg. If it is added on the 23rd of November, it will be added to Novembers vote AND Decembers vote. Members then get a choice to either change their selection part way through November, or wait to vote for the "Global Event" charity at the beginning of December.


In November 2017 we changed the way the voting worked in as much as we now all vote for a charity a month in advance (eg. we vote in June for the charity to be given the money raised in July), this will make it easier for monthly donors to change their vote right up until the end of the month. Previously we used to pause the current theme in order to replace it with a Global Event fundraiser, this was very disruptive, time consuming and confusing for one-off donors. Instead of posting details of our current theme that monthly donors are voting on, we will instead be posting about the actual charity we are raising money for, this also gives us the opportunity to get the selected charity more involved if they wish to.


These rules are likely to change as and when we receive feedback from our donors, this section will be updated accordingly.


15. Why are you making such a big deal about trust?

In the past, fans of Michael Jackson been scammed or participated in something that has raised questions.


So far we have direct experience with a few in the MJ community and they are as follows:

1. Sofie Strandberg's One Rose for MJ Group (not to be confused with the OneRose4MJ group), was trying to raise money for vacines for Michael's 53rd Birthday August 2011. The group raised ‎$10,706.00 USD which was apparently enough for 5,353 vaccinations for "5353 beautiful children in the third world to a life free from tetanus, measles and polio to honor Michael's care for the children". This was to be done through UNICEF. UNICEF were not aware of ANY donation made for this and Sofie Strandberg vanished. Donors are urged to use this group to report the issue. All information for doing this is in the documents for the group. The Police were notified. Sofie Strandberg's fraudulent group is this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/112633555419436/. However the legitimate and currently running group is this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OneRose4MJ/.

2. William J. Wagener raising funds to make a court documentary. We have had contact with William and he has said that the documentary was not made in the end as not enough money was raised, William said "Most of the less than $20,000 was spent on bookkeeppers (sic) monthly fee and 2 events, the first of which we charged nothing for at the Jackson Memorial hall, I never took any salary for all my efforts. And the Foundation rests in limbo, until I can find another way to raise the money". He also said "Most of the money was spent on our accountant who had to file reports every 3 months, and we need 11 million at least to get this film IN PRODUCTION". If you would like to contact him directly his Facebook is here.

We will also keep you updated on any others we discover here.

16. What are the chatroom rules?

  1. The chatroom is run by and moderated by MJ Fans for Charity (MJFFC). The chatroom service is supported by Chatango, and by using the Chatango chatroom, you are also agreeing to the Chatango terms of use here.
  2. We have the ability to block users from the chatroom. If you feel someone needs to be blocked or to report anything you are not happy with, please contact a moderator in the chatroom or email us at abuse(at)mjffc.org.uk. If there are none then we recommend you leave the chatroom and email us a copy of the chatroom transcript. As this is a Michael Jackson chatroom we automatically delete negative comments about Michael or any conspiracy theories about Michael's passing. Our aim is to protect the young and/or more vulnerable fans thus this chatroom aims to be a safe place for MJ fans to exchange messages about the King of Pop. This is our policy, if you do not like it, please find another chatroom. :-)
  3. There might be younger Michael Jackson fans in this chatroom, so be considerate to Michael's younger fans. You must be at least 13 years old to use the chatroom.
  4. Please no links to other chatrooms as we are not able to moderate third party chatrooms.
  5. Above all, HAVE FUN! We don't want to come across as party poopers! Just remember: if you wouldnt say it to someones face, don't say it in the chatroom. LOVE always.
  • If you are using a mobile network to use the chatroom, please note that you may incur data charges by your network. Also some networks block the chatrooms due to the nature of chatangos chatroom content (but not our chatroom), so speak to your network provider to have this block lifted if it is a problem.
  • Still having problems with the chatroom or music or anything else? Contact us here.