With "Top-up" you can help us increase the monthly charity pot by other means, not just by becoming a monthly donor.


We made this so that fans that are not able to afford to give monthly, can still contribute to the pot. Below are all of the current ways these fans can "Top-up" the charity pot. 100% of the money raised through this means also goes to the charity chosen each month.

BUY/Sell ON eBay for charity

You can list items on Ebay and give the proceeds go to charity!

The full amount you give will go to the selected charity for any month we are deposited the money by eBay. Simply list your items as normal, then choose MJFFC as the beneficiary of a portion, or full amount, of your end sale price.

Occasionally we are sent some amazing items to give away, from fans and those close to Michael, if you have anything you would like us to auction off for charity, please get in contact with us.




Easy Fundraising

With a great service called Easy Fundraising, you can raise funds for MJFFC by shopping as you would normally in the shops that you love at no extra cost to you!

Don't forget to install their 'Donation Reminder' browser add on and choose MJFFC as your chosen charity.

Visit now and spend spend spend for charity!... www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/mjffc/


On this page you will find links to be able to purchase items for promoting MJFFC, or for using for your own MJFFC fundraising events. It is also useful for obtaining clothing for our volunteering events.


These products are made by us via the online shopping portal Zazzle. Zazzle give the option to mark up the cost of these items, in order for the creators (in this case us) to make a profit. MJFFC has tried to reduce this to 0%, but the lowest possible is 5%. This 5% will be given to the charities selected in our Michael Jackson Monthly Giving (MJMG) project. We thank you for helping us promote our charity in memory of Michael Jackson.

Keep your eye on this page as we are adding more products all the time.