The Michael Jackson Estate TOTAL

The Michael Jackson Estate have been contributing to various charitable initiatives over the last few years.

We will soon outline all of the known Michael Jackson Estate charitible contributions made possible by Michael Jackson leaving 20% of his estate to charities.


AUGUST 2017: The Estate is believed to have assisted Paris Jackson in attending Malawi with the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. Clarification to follow.

AUGUST 2018:
"For this year’s very special Diamond Birthday Celebration in Las Vegas, the Estate has decided to honor Michael’s well known desire to help disadvantaged people around the world, especially children, by welcoming The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation to the event. We will join forces to support the work of GAIA Elizabeth Taylor Mobile Health Clinics which brings accessible and free health care to those living in rural Malawi." (more here)

"In addition to the annual support for chimpanzee Bubbles’ care, the Michael Jackson Estate has donated a very generous gift this year of $100,000 to help in our expansion of new chimpanzee habitats. And now, in honor of the Center for Great Apes’ 25th Anniversary, the Jackson Estate has given another gift to help sponsor our celebration event on November 10th in Key Biscayne. We are truly grateful that the Estate honors Michael Jackson’s love for his chimpanzee Bubbles as well as his generosity with charities" (more here)

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