"There's nothing that can't be done,
if we raise our voice as ONE"

We are the Michael Jackson Inspired charity, run by MJ Fans.

© 'Field of Dreams', used by MJFFC with permission from artist David Nordahl.

© "Field of Dreams", used by MJFFC with permission from artist David Nordahl.
"This painting, Field of Dreams, was meant to symbolize Michael's concern for all the children of the world, regardless of religion, national origin or race."
- A message from David Nordahl.


Michael Jackson Fans For Charity (MJFFC) is a fan made charity, inspired by artist and humanitarian, Michael Joseph Jackson.
Our aim is to provide millions of Michael Jackson fans around the World with the tools needed, to be able to make that change in memory of Michael.


The way we do this is through our 'Michael Jackson Monthly Giving' Project where Michael's fans can give from ONE unit of their home currency to charity as a group and where ALL OF IT goes to charity in memory after transaction fees.

Simple facts about our charity:

  • 100% to charity - After PayPal transaction fees, 100% goes to a shortlisted charity every month, in memory of Michael Jackson.
  • Zero Salary - We are all volunteers, so no-one gets paid.
  • Minimal Expenses - Admin and fundraising fees are kept to a minimum and even then, are only funded by UK Gift Aid, which we claim ourselves separately on qualifying UK donations. Any personal expenses are covered with our own money.
  • Transparency - We show detailed records of each monthly payout (see here).
  • Registration - We are registered as a charity with HMRC Reference No EW00178.

We raise money by:

We hope that other Michael Jackson fans find it in their hearts to help us along this amazing journey in creating the ultimate, long-term, tribute to Michael Jackson, his family and Michael Jacksons Fans.