Steven Hodges

Director, Trustee & Volunteer

My name is Steven and I am just a Michael Jackson fan with ideas and dreams of a better World. Just like many other Michael Jackson fans.

It started when I was about 8 years old, not knowing whether if deep down there was something about me that already wanted to help the World, or if over time it was a simple message from a very talented musican... rubbing off.


Having been amongst the MJ community for many years helping out with a popular Michael Jackson fan club and helping to organise fan group get togethers. I have always thought of myself as a "quiet MJ fan". I don't perform in front of other fans (yeah I can bust some moves just like the rest of you!), but I like to think of myself as an observer, I absorb all of it.


Now years later, all I know is that my life has been leading up to something big, and I am now sure, that this is it. Michael Jackson fans are the best and most passionate fans I have ever had the opportunity and privilege to meet. Myself along with millions of other fans saw through all of the media lies and child abuse allegations (of which Michael Jackson was found not guilty - something often forgotten). All of these things distracted from who Michael Jackson really was, the ultimate multi-talented, humanitarian of the modern age.


Myself on the ITV1 channel in the UK in 1998, defending Michael on his 40th Birthday (skip to 1:40!).


I want to take this opportunity to thank those that support MJFFC by donating monthly or by helping to spread the word about our ideas. This all starts with Michaels fans, and it humbles me every time I receive positive feedback from them about the project. Never stop. It's all for LOVE, all for Michael and ultimately for the whole of Planet Earth.

Thank you.

Steve x

(MJFFC Founder)


Steven Hodges

Director, Trustee & Volunteer

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Treasurer, Trustee & Volunteer

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If you would like to assist MJFFC in spreading the word about our Michael Jackson inspired charity, please get in contact with us, as we welcome all of the help we can get. Alternative you can join this volunteers Facebook Group, where we post updates and assist volunteers with spreading the word about the project.