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© 'Field of Dreams', used by MJFFC with permission from artist David Nordahl.

© "Field of Dreams", used with permission from artist David Nordahl.
"This painting, Field of Dreams, was meant to symbolize Michael's concern for all the children of the world, regardless of religion, national origin or race."
- A message from David Nordahl.

OURStory: Our Past, Present and Future

This section covers where we have been, where we are now and where we hope to be in the future.

PAST (2009-2011)
It all started in 2009 shortly after Michael passed away. Through grief and the compelling need to unite Michael Jackson fans, MJFFC was born. We started out with cause pages on Causes.com and pages on JustGiving.com, in raising money for various different charities. All of this was done under the name of "The 1 Million For Michael Project", but after much consideration and the fact that we found this quite limiting, we evolved.


PRESENT (2011 - present)
From September 2011 to present, we have been putting our efforts into our monthly giving project, where we provide fans with the ability to give small donations monthly. This builds on a larger monthly donation from all of those regular donors each month. This will grow and grow with more and more donors on-board. Another key part of this project is that each donor can also vote for the beneficiaries that benefit from the money raised. The system is evolving all the time as we forever strive for a perfect system. We also hope some day to be able to fund urgent things instantly, such as a life saving operation for a child that needs it - at the drop of a hat - just stop and think about that for a second.


We're in this for the long run. When we have reached a significant number of monthly donors, MJFFC will seek to actively fund the training, transport and provide the technical resources to enable millions of MJ fans from all around the World to continue with Michael's dream for a healed World. Those volunteers will be provided with all the resources needed to assist them. We believe in the power of MJ fans and with enough of you supporting us, we can make this dream closer to reality. Every tweak we make to how our organisation is operated, is implemented with the idea of rapid expansion being achieved.

With the help of fans from all around the world, we CAN make it a MUCH better place. There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as 1.

If you think BIG in the same way as we do, please join today at www.mjffc.org.uk/donate

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